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The Lindeblad family has a long legacy of restoring pianos. It began in 1915 when Swedish Immigrant Axel Lindeblad came to America and worked for Hardman Peck & Company in New York City as an engineer. He was a big influence in the development of pneumatic player mechanisms. He started his own piano tuning and repair business in New York City  in the 1930's until the mid 1950's.


His son Edward Axel Lindeblad continued in his fathers footsteps in the piano business. He worked for Steinway and Sons as a tuning and road technician before he established his own business, Lindeblad Piano Service in 1955 in New Jersey. He worked out of a small shop on Main Street in Dover until he built his own shop in 1964 in Randolph.


Edwards son Eric Axel Lindeblad learned piano restoration from his father as a young man working in the shop. He opened his own shop in 1981. He was very interested in player pianos and pneumatic mechanisms, which he inherited from his grandfather Axel. He became a professional player piano rebuilder. In 1986, Edward Lindeblad retired and Eric took over the family business under Castle Piano and began restoring all pianos. He is an expert tuner, rebuilder and woodworker. 


Eric's two sons Peter Axel Lindeblad and Jonathan Lindeblad also rebuild pianos with their father. Following in their family's footsteps as fourth generation piano rebuilders. 

Castle Piano has a long rich legacy that dates back over 100 years which has experience rebuilding and restoring 1,000's of pianos.

Piano Restoration, Piano Service, Piano Repair, Piano Rebuilding
Eric Lindeblad

Master Craftsman Rebuilder

40+ years of experience

Professional Piano Tuner


Piano Restoration, Piano Service, Piano Repair, Piano Rebuilding
Peter Lindeblad

15+ years of experience

Son of Eric Lindeblad

Restringing, Pinblock, Soundboard, Cabinet Refinishing, Action Regulation. 

Piano Restoration, Piano Service, Piano Repair, Piano Rebuilding
Jon Lindeblad

12 years of experience 

Son of Eric Lindeblad

Action Rebuilding, Action Regulation, Piano Assembly


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