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"Eric Lindeblad is a true master craftsman in the world of piano restoration. My player piano functions perfect and sounds amazing and when I brought it to him it was closer to being kindling that a functional player piano. I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend."

Antonio Poccia

"Eric is the best at servicing pianos! A thorough professional, he was prompt, and quickly fixed and tuned our 100 year old player piano for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended Castle to anyone needing a piano fixed."

Anand Dinakar

"I have spent a lifetime playing music since I was very young - I am in my 80's now and have owned many pianos and have had them tuned by many tuners. But there is one name that stands above all the rest - Eric Lindeblad!  I don't say this because he is a nice man (He is). It is said fro one powerful reason - his EXPERIENCE!  He has grown up in a family of piano tuners, restorer, re-stringers, finishers - everything to do with pianos since he was a child. He has the finest ear I have ever met; he is the most caring person about the quality of work he performs and he spends the time fussing over his work to get it done correctly! If you need a piano tuner, contact Eric. You will find no one better! And to those of you who are lucky enough to have good musical ears, his work will absolutely astound you. I wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation!! "


Denis O'Sullivan

"Like his father before him, Eric Lindeblad has taken care of the pianos in my church for over 25 years and kept them in tip-top shape. He completely rebuilt my own 1917 Steinway upright last year. The piano has a big burnished sound and the action is superb. I could not be more pleased with the result."


Donald Du Laney

"Eric at Castle Piano is very knowledgeable and experienced! 

40 years + in the Piano Restoration and Tuning business. 

If you have a piano that needs fixing - give them a call! "

Michael Kaufman

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